Making Money Last in Retirement

Making Money Last in Retirement  | Christopher Jacob Missouri

To many people, retirement is likened to freedom. No work equals decreased responsibilities, after all. However, retirement comes with its own set of uncontrollable variables such as inflation, taxes, and the rate of return on savings and investments. In reality, the only thing you truly have freedom over is your spending. Without the right plan and mindset, retirees are at risk of running out of money. To boost your chances of achieving a sustainable cash flow in your retirement, you may have to consider five important strategies.

Cut Down Expenses

By the time you retire, you may have invested in virtually every kind of asset or item of your desire. Many people see retirement as a chance to spend money on items or experiences they have always wanted, like luxury cars and trips. This is a great opportunity for you to cut down any unnecessary expenses that do not add value to your investment portfolio. Cutting on expenses enables you to save your cash for other income-generating activities.

Create a Spending Plan

Whereas your spending habits during retirement may be minimal and conservative, they have a substantial effect upon your cash flow. In your retirement, you may find yourself becoming more excited by leisure activities, such as traveling, shopping, social activities, and philanthropy. It is important to create a retirement spending plan, which should focus on keeping a keen eye on your income, savings, and expenditures. You should create a short-term and long-term goal as regards to how you spend your income on an annual or monthly basis.

Invest More

Even in retirement, you need to think of avenues to keep investing in order for sustainable cash flow to be realized. You should choose those investment opportunities that offer great returns with the lowest level of risk possible. Opportunities, such as money markets and corporate bonds, are always viable. When making investment choices, it is strongly recommended to seek the counsel of an experienced financial planner. Listening to bad advice, or getting in over your head, can easily unravel any progress you’ve made. 

Prioritize Health

Your health is the most important asset of value in your retirement. At the age of 70, when you retire, you get exposed to greater chances and risks of exposure to common diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, and even low immunity. Without protecting your health status, you may find yourself incurring more expenses to acquire medication, something that may ultimately damage your cash flow. 

Christopher Jacob is a Registered Representative with Saxony Securities, Inc.. Securities offered through Saxony Securities Inc. (SSI). Member FINRA, SIPC. Non-security products and services or tax services are not offered through SSI. Cadeau is not affiliated with SSI.

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