Four Great Personal Finance Podcasts for Your Daily Commute

Success in personal finance and investing is highly dependent on knowledge. Some experts say that adequate money management is also crucial, but this also needs to be learned and evaluated with critical thinking. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge on the subject of finance, financial podcasts are excellent sources of learning since they can be absorbed anytime or anywhere, including your daily commute. With this in mind, here are four great podcasts that are perfect to listen while driving or taking public transportation:

Investing Insights

Produced by Morningstar, one of the most reliable sources for screening mutual funds and equity securities, you’ll be sure that the information you’re hearing is well-informed and reliable. With research that can be counted on, many listeners subscribe to this podcast for the daily stock picks, which are provided based on fundamental insights.

Planet Money

The high production values of National Public Radio broadcasts can be clearly appreciated in Planet Money, one of the most interesting podcasts about finance and economics. Instead of focusing on personal investments, Planet Money presents a broad range of topics that help listeners gain a fresh and educated perspective on how money is actually made and the socioeconomic repercussions thereof.

Smart Passive Income

Not everyone has the means or desire to become a full-time investor; in fact, most individuals are passive investors who seek to augment their personal income on a part-time basis—these are the types of listeners who stand to benefit the most from this podcast. Producer and host Pat Flynn is a firm believer in the principle of attaining financial independence through passive investing. What’s more, a strong focus of his podcast is on setting up early retirement goals.

No-Nonsense Forex

This podcast is not strictly for active forex traders. It can also be a great resource for anyone who is curious about learning about the most liquid financial market in the world, one where fiat currencies are traded instead of equity or debt securities. One of the enticing features of this podcast is that money management strategies are presented in a way that makes sense to all investors. Plus, fundamental research is always preferred over technical analysis.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or looking to gain experience, financial podcasts offer valuable information and learning tools. Many experts claim that the best way to learn is to become immersed in your subject matter. What’s more immersive than a financial lesson brought to you when you want, how you want it, and where you want it? 

Christopher Jacob is a Registered Representative with Saxony Securities, Inc.. Securities offered through Saxony Securities Inc. (SSI). Member FINRA, SIPC. Non-security products and services or tax services are not offered through SSI. Cadeau is not affiliated with SSI.

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