What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

There is no shortage of financial advisors in the United States. From digital platforms offering robo-advisors to brick and mortar companies providing traditional financial advice, the industry gives you plenty of advisors to choose from. With so many options, it may seem difficult to pick the right one. However, if you follow a few simple steps, you can find the right advisor to meet your financial goals.

Outline Financial Needs

Before choosing a financial consultant, you should first consider whether you need one. If you just want to save a few dollars after each paycheck, you probably do not need an expert. If you want to save a sizable portion of your annual income, but have no idea where to start, you should start your search for a financial planner.

Types of Advisors

Before you start searching, you should know a little about the advisors currently available. Not long ago, financial experts were reserved only for the ultra-rich. Today, the digital era has completely changed how people manage their money. For example, you can use a digital platform to invest your money on the advice of computer algorithms. Known as robo-advisors, these low-cost investment platforms build financial portfolios using the answers to a few simple questions…



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